Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Chapter 38 - Betfred

Betfred were doing an offer where they would give you a 100% bonus up to £50.

I deposited and bet £50 that Wycombe would beat Exeter at odds of 3.0 and placed a lay of £49.18 against Wycombe at odds of 3.1. I won this bet so won £150 at Betfred but paid out a liability of £103.28 at Betfair, leaing me with a loss of £3.28.

My account was then credited with a free bet of £50. I bet £15.50 that Un Ami would win at the Chepstow races at odds of 9.0 and placed a lay of £14.17 against Un Ami at odds of 8.8. I lost this bet so receied a payout of £13.48 at Betfair.

With the remaining £34.50 of free balance I bet that Blackburn would beat Manchester United at odds of 8.5 and placed a lay of £28.91 against Blackburn at odds of 9.0. I lost this bet so received a payout of £27.46 at Betfair.

Profit from this chapter: £13.48 + £27.46 - £3.28 = £37.66

Overall profit: £592.87 + £37.66 = £630.53

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