Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Chapter 23 - Boylesports

Boylesports were doing a nice offer where you deposit £20 and receive a free bet of £20.

For my qualifying bet I bet £20 that Norwich would beat West Brom at odds of 3.9 and placed a lay of £20.26 against Norwich at odds of 3.9. I won this bet so won £78.00 at Boylesports but paid out a liability of £58.66 at Betfair, leaving me with a loss of £0.66.

My account was then credited with a free bet of £20. After a good few days of trying (and failing) to find decent bets to bet on at Boylesports I gave up and placed a bet on the best bet I could find at a given moment. I bet the free £20 that Bianca di Medici would win at the Kempton races at odds of 8 and tried to place a lay at odds of 8.4 but disaster - Betfair couldn't match my bet and the odds for the lay had shot up to 9. I waited for a while in the hope that the odds would go back down but they only went up. Grudgingly, I placed a lay of £15.30 at odds of 9.2. I lost the bet so lost the free money at Boylesports but gained £14.53 at Betfair.

Profit for this chapter: £14.53 - £0.66 = £13.87

Dissapointing to only receive £13.87 from a £20 free bet.

Overall profit: £235.96 + £13.87 = £249.83

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