Sunday, 1 January 2012

Chapter 1 - The Beginning - Skybet

So I'm sat in my room on New Years Eve feeling rather sorry for myself, casually surfing the internet on my laptop. Boredom leads me to log onto TSR ( to check out the forums, and I stumble across a thread entited Money for uni by matched betting. In the back of my mind my remember reading a few pages of this thread a few months ago and making a mental note to save it for a rainy day. I think back to the £400 holiday I paid a deposit for a few days ago and think to myself... could I fund my holiday through matched betting alone??

And here we go - welcome to my diary on matched betting!

Firstly I read through the first page or so on TSR to refresh my memory. Secondly I read through this rather helpful thread on And then I placed some bets...

£10 NSR (no stake return) free bet at Skybet - bet that Mostly Bob would win the Cheltenham on January 1st at odds of 12.0.

Headed over to Betfair and placed a lay of £8.49 on Mostly Bob at odds of 13.0. Deposited £110 to cover the £101 liability.

The results:

Mostlt Bob won (at odds of 11/1). Checked my Skybet account and I had £110 profit. Checked Betfair... and it was telling me that the odds had been 11.92! Which means my liability payout was *only* £92 or so, leaving me with a grand profit of £17.28! From a £10 NSR free bet!

No idea what happened there!

Profit from this chapter: £17.28

Overal profit: £17.28


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  2. were you ever asked for an ID check? And did you ever has problems withdrawing the funds?