Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Chapter 11 - 888sport (Stage 1)

The next bookie I signed up with was 888sport. They did an offer exclusively through olbg where you could claim up to £100 in free bets.

The first stage of this offer was to place a £10 bet in order to receive a free bet of £10. I bet £10 that Albion would beat Stirling at odds of 2.0. I then decided to try underlaying, so I placed a lay of £9.80 against Albion at odds of 2.02. Albion did not beat Stirling, so I lost my £10 at 888sport but gained £9.31 at Betfair, resulting in a loss of £0.69. Would have been better to not underlay...

I then received a free £10 bet. I bet that the HT/FT result in the Newcastle v QPR game would be QPR/QPR at odds of 10, and placed a lay of £8.61 against QPR/QPR at odds of 10.5. I lost this bet so lost my free £10 at 888sport but gained £8.18 at Betfair.

Profit from this chapter: £8.18 - £0.69 = £7.49

Overall profit: £161.24 + £7.49 = £168.73

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