Friday, 6 January 2012

Chapter 4 - Ladbrokes

Another bet I did was over at Ladbrokes, where I placed a £20 bet on Inverness CT to win at odds of 2.5 over St. Johnstone, in order to unlock a free bet. I placed a lay of £11.86 at Betfair... however, disaster! When calculating what lay to place I forgot that the £20 was a SR bet! I ought to have bet £19.76 instead!

Thankfully by the time I realised my mistake the match between Inverness CT and St. Johnstone had been cancelled... The Gods must be on my side! The bets were classed as 'void' both at Ladbrokes and at Betfair so I lost nothing at Betfair and got my £20 back at Ladbrokes.

I then placed the £20 bet on the football - bet that Everton would beat Bolton at odds of 1.53. Placed a lay bet at odds of 1.55. However Everton did not win, so I lost my £20 at Ladbrokes but gained £19.38 at Betfair - an overall loss of £0.62.

For the free bet I bet the free £20 that the score at the end of the game between Wycombe Wanderers and Huddersfield would be 2-1. The odds at Ladbrokes were 9.0. I then tried to place a lay bet of £16.08 - but I made the silly mistake of not checking whether all of my lay bet would all be matched. It turned out that only £7.95 of my bet was matched, and that the odds for the lay had gone up to 10.5. The match was beginning shortly, and not wanting to leave over half my bet unmatched I grudgingly placed the rest of my lay bet (£8.13) with odds of 10.5. Not sure if it was the right thing to do or not... In the end Wycombe lost to Huddersfield 0-6. I lost the £20 free money at Ladbrokes by gained £15.28 at Betfair. Not my best day.

Profit from this chapter: £15.28 - £0.62 = £14.66

Overal profit: £14.66 + £42.87 = £57.53

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