Monday, 30 January 2012

Chapter 18 - Blue Square

Blue Square were doing an offer where you bet £25 and then receive a £25 free bet.

For my qualifying bet of £25 I bet that there would be under 2.5 goals in the match between Fleetwood Town and Braintree at odds of 2.75. I tried to place a lay of £25.56 against there being under 2.5 goals at odds of 2.74 but Betfair could only match it to £22.02. I accepted their offer and placed a further lay of £3.51 at odds od 2.76. I lost the bet so lost my £25 at Blue Square but received a payout of £24.25 at Betfair, leaving me with a loss of £0.75.

For my free bet of £25 I bet that the correct score in the game between Sudan and Angola would be 0-0 at odds of 7.5, and placed a lay of £22.11 against a 0-0 score at odds of 7.4. I lost this bet so lost the free £25 at Blue Square but received a payout of £21 at Betfair.

Profit from this chapter: £21 - £0.75 = £20.25

Overall profit: £201.77 + £20.25 = £222.02

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