Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Chapter 15 - 888sport Mobile

888sport had a mobile offer which I took up. The offer was that if I were to place a bet (minimum bet £1, minimum odds 1.5) and if it were to lose then they would give me a refund (up to £5).

For the first bet I bet £5 that St. Mirren would beat Hamilton Academicals at odds of 2.2. When laying the bet, I decided to try underlaying so I placed a lay of £4.21 at odds of 2.28. I used the trickybet lay calculator to work out that if I were to win the bet then I would get a profit of £0.61, whereas if I were to lose then I would make a loss of £1.00 but would also get a £5 refund. St. Mirren won 1-0 so I won £11 at 888sport but paid out a liability of £5.39 at Betfair, leaving me with an overall profit of £0.61.

I still have a long way to go before I get the grasp of these risk-free bets...!

Profit from this chapter: £0.61

Overll profit: £187.38 + £0.61 = £187.99


  1. when you do these risk free offers you have to assume it's a SNR bet

  2. Aye, when looking back at this I can see my mistake... Shame, but at least the refund would only have been £5 so I didn't miss out on too much money!