Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Chapter 6 - ApolloBet

So I noticed ApolloBet were doing a nice little offer and decided to try it out. Deposit £40, bet it on odds of evens (2.0) or greater and get a £20 free bet. However I did run into dificulties when I noticed that ApolloBet wasn't listed on either freebets4all or oddsmonkey - both of which I use to help me find the best odds to place bets on. So I resorted to doing the betting manually. Decided to stick to just the English football and after a LOT of cross-referencing found the best deal was to bet £40 that Birmingam would beat Wolves at odds of 2.4, and to place a lay against Birmingham at odds of 2.56. Addmittedly this was not a particularly good bet but it was the best bet going at the time. The match ended up as a draw so I lost the £40 bet at ApolloBet but gained £36.34 at Betfair - and overall loss of £3.66.

Once that bet had been settled I emailed the support team at ApolloBet requesting my free bet. I got a free bet of £20 and after a lot of manual searching I placed it on the best bet I could find - I bet that Sheffield Wed would beat West Ham 2-1 at odds of 11.0. I then placed a lay of £16.74 against a 2-1 score at odds of 12.0. In the end Sheffield won 1-0 so I lost the free money at ApolloBet but gained £15.90 at Betfair.

Profit from this chapter: £15.90 - £3.66 = £12.24

Overall profit: £78.24 + £12.24 = £90.48

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