Monday, 2 January 2012

Chapter 2 - Stan James (Round 1)

Have decided that matched betting is a nice little profitable scheme!

So my next bet was to place a £10 bet over at Stan James in order to open up a £10 free bet. I bet £10 of my own money that Everton would beat West Brom, and placed a £10 lay bet against Everton. Sure enough, Everton won, leaving me with a profit of £27.50 at Stan James and a liability payment of £18.00 at betfair. Factoring in the original £10 bet, the overall loss from this was £0.50.

Now onto the bet using the free £10. I placed that bet on the horse racing at Folkstone and bet that You're So Vain would win at odds of 9.0. Placed a lay bet with odds of 8.6. The horse didn't win, so I lost the £10 free bet but won £8.89 at Betfair. Result!

Profit from this chapter: £8.89 - £0.50 = £8.39

Overall profit: £17.28 + £8.39 = £25.67

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