Sunday, 15 January 2012

Chapter 9 - Titan Bet

Another bet I did was the bet £25 get £25 bet over at Titan Bet. I deposited £25 and found I had a bonus of £0.01 - how generous of them. I placed a £25.01 bet on Sunderland to beat Wigan at odds of 2.75 and placed a lay bet at odds of 2.88. Sunderland won indeed so I won £68.78 at Titan Bet, but paid out a liability of £45.68 at Betfair, leaving me with an overall loss of £1.90.

For the free bet I didn't have much luck finding lucrative odds with liabilities that I could afford. Aware that time was running out on the free money I bet £25 that the match between Forfar and Aberdeen would end up in a draw at odds of 4.88, and placed a lay of 18.48 at odds of 5.3. The match was won by Aberdeen so I lost the free money at Titan Bet but gained £17.56 at Betfair. Not the best return from a £25 free bet.

However, Titan Bet works in Euros, and the bank I'm with has exchange rates for withdrawals and deposits in Euros. When I withdrew £25 my bank statement records me withdrawing £22.71 (what I suspect happened was they debited my account 25 € and then my bank applied extra charges). When I withdrew winnings of £68.78 my bank statement shows I received 59.58 €. When factoring in the exchange rates, this means that for the qualifying bet my overall loss was actually £8.81. I am not a happy bunny!!

Profit from this chapter: £17.56 - £8.81 = £8.75

Overall profit: £127.75 + £8.75 = £136.50


  1. Hey,

    I just calculated and you should have put a lay of £22.73. Not £18. You would have got a return of £22.60 ish. Missed out on £5ish. Wounded.

  2. Ah thanks, that'd help explain where I went wrong! Yeah I struggled with Titan Bet, found it difficult to get good odds and the whole thing went downhill from there... At least I made a profit, even if it was only 35% of the free bet they gave me